"I would highly recommend Bianca as a piano teacher. She has a kind, gentle way with kids and includes lots of variety in her lessons, with fun games and great ideas for developing musical creativity and improvisation. As well as that, she's very good at engaging children as they develop their technical musical skills." - Matthew

"My sons (age 7 and 9) have been taking piano lessons for more than 2 years with various teachers. After being with Bianca, I know the first trial was fantastic. Bianca is absolutely incredible, very knowledgeable, patient and excellent approach to persuading young children in learning music.
My kids say Bianca is the best, Chuck out the rest!!!" - Nipha

"My daughters (age 4 and 6) love their piano lessons, and watching their progress over the first couple of months has been amazing. Bianca is brilliant at keeping them engaged and excited, every lesson is fun. Yet somehow they are really learning to play! We can't wait for the next one!" - Dora

"Bianca is very patient and always makes lessons interesting! Would highly recommend her :) " - Ruth

"Learning the piano with Bianca is creative, fun and inspires a love of music and learning. Our kids (age 5 and 8) genuinely look forward to their lesson each week. I would highly recommend Bianca to teach small people how to play and enjoy the piano.." - Tor